Ways To Match Your Rugs With Your Home Decor

Are you looking for rugs that fit your home décor? Matching rugs with your interior décor can be a frustrating task especially if you are doing it for the first time. Many homeowners often pass on this problem on to the professionals to make sure that the rugs match up to their expectations. Nevertheless, hiring an expert will stretch your budget. What’s the need of getting someone else’s help to do a simple job if you can handle it alone?

Below are DIY rug picking tips that won’t require too much of a budget.

Does the rug match the décor?

For non-decorated homes, rugs come in a wide range of colors. Ideally, the rug patterns are usually eye-catching enough to combine with the different kinds of furniture that you have. The classic fabrics can also be used to continue the floor with the different rug patterns. However, this choice will only be fit in situations where homes are yet to be decorated.

For already designed spaces, you shouldn’t change the whole décor just for a rug. It means you have to get one that blends perfectly with your home décor. Interior designers use inspiration pieces. These pieces help designers in a tight spot on how to match up rugs to a certain room decoration. This piece can refer to any particular item placed in a room and can be used as an anchor for the creation of all subsequent designs in a room.

 Have a pic of the space you’ve set aside

It can be incorporated while shopping for suitable rugs as it will serve as a reminder of the kind of color that exists in your home. If you’re not interested in moving from one shop to another, you can browse the internet and check online showrooms to see what’s new. One good site to look for this purpose is Nourison. In cases where rugs are hanging, you may request to place them on the floor for a better perspective. It helps you form a better mental image as to how the rug’s appearance will be when you place it in your desired space.

Go for the material, not the color

Did you know that matching your home décor with the rug may depend entirely on the floor space on which it is laid? Also, note that no home decoration should be considered permanent. In case of a home renovation, changes happen here and there. To ensure you don’t buy a new rug after every decor, pick one that’s neutral in color but has an irresistible design and material. You can also go with a traditional style house where a Persian or Afghan style rug is present. Both can be a great choice for your house.

Never be afraid to pick up a rug if you think it fits your home décor. What’s more always keep in mind that you can call a professional interior designer in case things don’t go your way. Trying hard on your own may only mess up the looks of your home.

Good luck choosing.

Which Type Of Rug Should You Get?

Bringing home a rug is not just a point-and-buy process. You have to venture into learning what type of rug it is. This is important because different types of rugs have different levels of durability and they come in distinct material options. The quality of the rugs also vary according to the manufacturing process they have gone through and the material used to make them.

Tufted rugs:

In today’s time, tufted rugs and carpets are sold at a high rate because of their ease of availability. The material is man-made and goes through a process of bonding with other material to increase the end-product strength. If you’re looking to save time in finding the rug that complements your home decor but doesn’t compromise on quality, tufted rugs will work best for you.

Needle felted:

The carpets that have been needle felted have strong durability although they are new in the market as compared to other types of rugs. They use electrostatic means to bond the fibers together which marks for its high durability. This also means that it is expensive and therefore aren’t usually found in homes.


Knotted rugs are found in a bunch of different colors of sizes. They are both man-made and machines-made, depending on the material origin. They look mesmerizing when different colors are sewn together to showcase variety. They add substance and character to the space, defining the area beautifully.


Woven rugs are the best ones to incorporate different colored yarns as they are created on a loom. Using looms are one of the oldest techniques of making rugs and since they produce very colorful and attractive pieces of rugs, along with detailed designs, they never get old. The same woven rugs, if hand-made, can be very costly for people to buy. These looms allow for a combination of styles to be made very easily and therefore they are quite common among rug lovers.


Although this looks like a simple rug, many pieces of material in fact go through a burlap backing to produce one of these hooked rugs. They are much more affordable in comparison to the other complex rugs and are also very appealing.

Flat weave:

Flat weave rugs use a very interesting concept in their creation. The materials are not tied to each other, rather they are woven in and out of the cotton. Those who fancy making their own rugs also use their clothing to make rugs out of them. Flat weave rugs are quite durable and resilient which is why people like keeping them at homes to enhance their home decor.

Embroidered Rugs:

Embroidery can be dated back decades and is known to be one of the oldest crafts known to history. Like woven rugs, they are not created on a loom, but rather designed on a frame over which they are hand stitched. Embroidery is a sheer skill and talent. So many magnificent pieces have been created, such as the Victorian rugs that were able to manifest realistic, 3-dimensional objects in their designs. Although with the invention of steel needles they were able to be mass produced but it still largely remains as the dominion of the craftsmen.

Why You Should Get An Area Rug For Your Apartment

If you feel something is missing in your apartment’s décor, an area rug might be the perfect ingredient to complete the look. They are a great option for apartment floors since these hardly ever come carpeted. Rugs can also infuse a room with warmth and comfort, and make a significant impact on the design. But while style is a major factor, rugs can also contribute to the comfort of your apartment in other ways. Keep these reasons in mind, as they might help you find the perfect rugs to suit your visual and functional needs.

Here are some reasons why you should get a rug for your apartment.

Start with style
The main motivation why people buy rugs is to improve their apartment’s decoration. And for a good reason, since the colors, patterns and textures of rugs can become a focal point in the room and bring interest.
The broad variety of colors and designs can help you be very particular about the style you’re going for. For example, you may choose to go bold with bright-colored rugs and unique patterns. On the other hand, you can use neutral-colored as a quiet note underneath bright colors or hard textures. You can also experiment with colors and contrasts, like placing a light rug on a dark floor.
Make if comfy
Uncarpeted floors often lead to cold floors, especially in the winter. If you don’t fancy putting on slippers around your house, you can treat yourself with a rug to keep your feet away from the cold floor.
For example, you can add a contour rug around a toilet or in front of the sink to make you more comfortable.
Safety first
If your apartment is not carpeted, a rug can help reduce the risk of slipping. For example, a runner rug in a long hallway or on the stairs can contribute to reducing injuries, or you can use the rug over a slippery, wet floor or after showering. Similarly, liners keep area rugs in place, which reduces the risk of slipping even more.
Make your apartment more inviting
If you’re not allowed to place a welcome mat outside your door, you can still greet your guests with a rug that says ‘Welcome’ placed inside the door. The rug can also serve to help your guests wipe their shoes, and thus help keep your apartment clean.
Reduce noise and echoes
If your apartment is not carpeted, be nice to your downstairs neighbors and avoid noise complaints by placing area rugs in your rooms. High-pile area rugs are better for this than thinner ones. Using rugs is a great step towards minimizing the levels of noise, especially when you have hardwood floors already installed. Similarly, if you have a room with too much of an echo, adding a rug along with furniture and window treatment should help.
Cover things up
Just as they can be used to decorate, rugs are also a great way to hide imperfections in your apartment, such stains, scratches or any other damage to the floor. However, don’t neglect to tell your landlord about any potential hazards in your apartment. If the damage to the floor is too severe, putting a rug on it will be counterproductive.

Area rugs bring many benefits beyond style to your apartment. They can create more comfort for you and yours, make your apartment safer, reduce noise, and cover up any unsightly imperfections. Try out different designs of are rugs and make the most of these benefits in your apartment.